About Us


Digit fleet and fuel management’s modern ideas and up to date approach to fleet and fuel management, as well as our immediate response to changing circumstances, means we are able to deliver the best technology at the best price. We sell solutions and not tracking hence our policy is to strive for complete customer satisfaction, which will ensure that Digit will not be a grudge purchase, but will contribute to your business success by delivering savings well beyond its cost and management effort.

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About us

Partnering with our clients to provide integrated and sustainable solutions

Our Mission

DigitSync is a leading player in creating intergrated digital solutions in a world lead by Big Data, Convergence and The Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Values

We are commited to the highest ethcal business standards. We believe in the equality of mankind and our connectivity of our universal existance. We therefore do our business in a socially and enviromentally safe manner.